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Neon Trees

Twenty One Pilots! If you’ve never heard of them, go listen now! Here’s the video to their song Holding On To You:

Back in February I bought tickets to see Neon Trees at the convocation center on campus. I got four tickets. Two for my husband and myself and two for my friends, Sarah and Nikki. Sarah was unable to attend due to some unforeseeable circumstances, so Nikki brought their son, Dakota, in her place. He’s only seven, but the concert was a pop rock band and it was on campus, so no alcohol or anything like that, so we decided it would be okay. Especially since Animal by Neon Trees is his favorite song. Seriously, he sings it ALL the time.

He was so excited about going! He covered his arms and legs in temporary tattoos so that he would look like a rockstar. We James and I went to pick them up, he said, “Look, Kelli! I look like a ten year old!” We got to the concert and had amazing seats. On the floor right in front of the stage, only 13 rows back! As we were waiting for the concert to start, he was going on and on about the band and how all the band members must call the lead singer “neon” since the band name is neon trees. (Lol)

The opening band was called Twenty|One|Pilots. I hadn’t really heard of them before. They were amazing! Great songs and even better performers! They were doing backflips off of pianos and drum kits and it was a really great show! Better than Neon Trees!

Between the opening band and Neon Trees, the crowd was throwing around beach balls. Dakota loved this! He was standing on his chair trying to reach the ball. He had a blast.

Once Neon Trees came on, Dakota calmed down a bit. He got pretty excited when they played Animal. But by then he was pretty tired and he actually curled up in the seat and went to sleep! Drool and all! I didn’t think it was possible to sleep through a concert!

I have to say, I was a little disappointed by Neon Tree’s performance. Only the lead singer interacted with the audience. There was a mystery guitarist back behind the amp doing all the hard guitar work, and the rest of the band just ignored him. They didn’t introduce him or anything. And the lead singer honestly just acted like he thought he was to good to be playing for Jonesboro, Arkansas.

We had a ton of fun! And even though he slept through the last half, Dakota enjoyed it.







Other things this week. I went to the lake and did Week 1 Day 1 of Couch to 5K. I was not able to run all of the running parts, but I pushed myself and did most of them. After I finished it, I was only about halfway around the lake, so I just walked the rest. Unfortunately, I guess I have no since if time because by then it was getting really dark!! So I had to finish the hike in the dark. Luckily I only had to walk about ten more minutes in the woods and I made it back to the lake path , which is lighted a little bit. Next time I’ll have to make sure I give myself enough time to finish before the sun sets!


I’ve been working on the hundred push-up challenge. I’m really bad at push-ups…. Lol. I’m working on it though!

I’m about to go walk at the lake with my friend, Storm. Hopefully we’ll be done before it starts raining! But even if we aren’t, we don’t melt! And it’s warm out.

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