First off, I would like to apologize for not posting at all lately. I have been extremely busy with work and school and life in general. 😛 I'm sticking to my diet though. (Mostly.) I'm not eating as strictly as I would like, but I'm tracking all of my food and staying within my calorie… Continue reading Brrrrraaaaaiiiiiinnnnnsssss!

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Beautiful Day

So I was off work from both jobs today. I slept in. Way in. I didn't get up until about 11:30! (Don't judge me! Lol. I rarely ever get a day off from both jobs!) When I finally rolled out of bed I took my time getting around. I watched the most recent episode of… Continue reading Beautiful Day


My dog is a wimp.

Today the weather was amazing. And my mood was amazing. Probably due to the weather. I worked at Truly Asian this morning. We were super slow. I spent most of the day reading on my phone. I'm just started reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. I didn't know anything about the book… Continue reading My dog is a wimp.

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Tomorrow is weigh in day! I'm nervous and excited! I'm anticipating good results, but I'm going to be pretty bummed if I don't get them. I've been working so hard! Thursday and Friday were a bit of a struggle for me. In addition to working at Olive Garden, on Thursday and Friday mornings I work… Continue reading Babysitting